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Regardless of how well you run your business and the ability of your staff, there’s always the risk that something could go wrong. Whether that’s a dispute with a client, competitor or employee, you could end up facing legal action. Many of these situations can be expensive, especially where accidents are concerned, and your business must be covered to ensure you don’t have to pay any hefty legal fees. Business legal protection insurance is key to giving you the cover you need when the occasion requires.

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What is business legal protection insurance?

Business legal protection cover is a form of insurance designed to help you pay legal fees and costs incurred as a result of action brought against your company from clients or customers, staff or even the government. Business legal protection can cover the legal fees for anything employment tribunals to civil actions brought under the Data Protection Act, and even HMRC tax investigations.

It’s important to note that business cover is also referred to as legal protection insurance (LPI) and legal expenses insurance (LEI). However it’s named, it provides legal cover against any consequences from day-to-day business occurrences – whether that’s from past, present, or yet to be seen situations.

Why does your business need legal protection insurance?

Legal expenses insurance cover is important for all businesses, regardless of size, as any business owner can find themselves at the wrong end of a claim or lawsuit, from the owner consultancy service that’s run from home to the CEO a multinational blue chip company.

Since the abolition of employment tribunal fees, there has been a major increase in how many businesses are brought to court each year regarding disputes, increasing the risk for business owners in all sectors. This makes it more important than ever to get cover, especially legal cover for small business owners - if you run a tight ship, the last thing you need is a substantial claim rocking the boat.

Even if you’re found not to be at fault, you might still need to pay legal fees. The cost of your legal liability cover will depend on your needs, industry, and business size. That said, it’s best to be fully covered than to risk expensive disputes or settlements.

What does legal insurance cover?

A key factor for any business legal protection deal is making sure it adequately meets your needs and covers all possible eventualities. As there’s an almost infinite amount of relationships, engagements and situations that a business may face, legal insurance needs to be comprehensive. While we always recommend analysing any potential contract in detail, you should ensure you legal insurance policies cover the including but not limited to:

  • Employment disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Compensation awards
  • Debt recovery
  • Business property disputes
  • Bodily injury of insured persons
  • Non-motor criminal prosecutions
  • A range of civil legal proceedings
  • Tax protection

Of course, some things on this list may be relevant to your business or, on the other hand, you may need different legal cover if you work in a niche industry. That’s why we recommend speaking to an expert broker who can help identify your legal cover needs and find the best deal.

How to compare business legal protection insurance quotes

No business owner wants to overpay for business insurance, nor do they want to be left without adequate cover in the event of a claim. At Uswitch for Business, we understand the importance of getting the right cover at the right price.

The simplest way to run a business legal protection insurance quote is to tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll compare cover for you, removing all the hassle of dealing with insurers and allowing you to get on with the day-to-day running of your business. To get started, give us a call on 0800 188 4930, or leave a few details at the top of the page and we’ll call you back.

What is business legal protection insurance?
Why does your business need legal protection insurance?
How to compare business legal protection insurance quotes

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