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Cheap business electricity rates

All businesses use electricity in one way or another, from simply charging up a company laptop to operating heavy machinery, and your business energy contract needs to reflect how and when you use it most. Energy bills are likely to make up most of your business utility costs, so finding the cheapest business electricity prices is vital to keeping bills low. In order to make sure you’re on the very best deal, you’ll need to compare quotes from as wide a range of suppliers as possible. The process of ringing around each supplier is simply too time consuming for most business owners, and that’s why it makes sense to let the energy experts at Uswitch for Business do all the hard work for you – to see how much you could save, give us a call now on 0800 188 4930, or keep reading to find out how you can compare cheap business electricity prices.

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Which is the cheapest business electricity supplier?

When it comes to commercial energy, it’s almost impossible to pin down a ‘cheapest’ electricity supplier for small business because commercial tariffs are tailored to specific needs. But to make sure you really are getting the best deal, it’s worth bearing in mind a few things, including:

  • Always ensure you cancel your contract – before you can agree a new deal you need to let your existing supplier know that you want to cancel your contract when it ends – in most cases, you can simply call, email or write to them.
  • Don’t rollover– if your contract ends without you cancelling or renewing, then you’re likely to find yourself on a rollover contract but these rates are usually some of the most expensive available, so to make sure you’re on the cheapest business electricity tariff, always try to negotiate a new deal before your current one expires.
  • Compare providers – looking for the cheapest electricity for business means comparing deals, and we can do that for you, all you need to do is call us on 0800 188 4930.
  • Always agree a new contract – getting the cheapest commercial electricity prices means signing up to a new deal rather than simply let your existing one lapse. If you don’t, then you’re likely to end up on a pricey ‘out of contract’ tariff which can charge more than double in-contract rates.

How to find cheap business electricity rates

Because no two energy deals are the same, working out who’s offering the best business electricity rates can be hard. One way to compare is to look at how much each provider charges per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are the average unit costs you can expect to pay depending on the size of your business:

Business sizeUnit costStanding charge
Micro business14.4p - 15.9p per kWh23p - 29p per day
Small business14.3p - 15.1p per kWh23p - 28p per day
Medium business14.3p - 14.7p per kWh23p - 27p per day

How to save on business electricity bills

The best way that you can save on your business electricity bills is to shop around and switch to a more competitive deal. The first thing you need to know when considering changing your electricity deal is that unlike domestic electricity customers, business electricity customers are more tightly bound by the terms of their contracts.

You are only allowed to switch, or even approach suppliers for quotes with which to compare business electricity bills, once your current contract enters its ‘renewal window’. This typically occurs six months before the contract is due to expire and your supplier will get in touch with a new offer once this switching window has opened. This offer is unlikely to be as competitive as other deals on the market, so you should always compare tariffs at the first available opportunity.

You can do this in just a few simple steps:

  • Give the energy experts at Uswitch for Business a call on 0800 188 4930, or put your postcode in the box above and we’ll give you a call back.
  • After a quick chat, we’ll compare energy deals to find the ones that best suit the needs and budget of your business.
  • You choose the deal you prefer, then we take care of the rest. We’ll let your old supplier know you’re making the switch and you can start enjoying cheaper electricity when your new deal starts.

When you switch with Uswitch for Business, we’ll compare energy rates from a range of trusted suppliers to make sure you get a quality service alongside competitive prices. And we can also keep an eye on your renewal date and compare deals on your behalf as soon as your switching window opens, saving you even more time and money.

While you’re waiting for your renewal window to come up, here are some things you can do in the meantime to be more energy efficient, reducing your business electricity bills and your carbon footprint.

Carry out a business energy audit

If you’re looking to cut your energy usage to save money, conducting an audit of your business’s energy usage offers a good starting point. This will help you to see where your business is using the most of its energy and where it’s being wasted. Relatively small businesses and microbusinesses can purchase a device known as an energy saving power meter to do this for them, but it might be best to ask your supplier to run a professional audit on your behalf.

Unplug and shut down to save money on business electricity

Up to 70% of energy is wasted by equipment such as computers and monitors being left on standby overnight and during the weekend. To minimise this wastage and cut the cost of your business electricity bills, products are available that automatically shut down appliances left on standby. For example, a PC automatic standby shutdown extension lead can recognise when a computer has been powered down and automatically removes power to equipment connected to the sockets. It’s also worth trying to implement a more energy-conscious culture in your workplace, which sets out a policy of switching off lights and equipment when not in use.

Fit energy efficient lighting

Swapping your standard light bulbs for energy efficient bulbs can help cut the average business electricity bill. You should also have all light fittings regularly cleaned so they’re free of dust.

If you compare business electricity bills before and after employing these measures, you should be able to see some savings. However, switching plans is still the most effective way that you can save on business electricity bills.

Talk to Uswitch for Business today on 0800 188 4930 to hear how we can help you find the best deal for your business. We’ll run a business electricity plan comparison and take care of all the details involved in switching.

Which is the cheapest business electricity supplier?
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