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Compare cheap business gas rates

Keeping overheads as low as possible is an important consideration for running a profitable business. If your business uses gas, rising wholesale prices could have a big impact on your utility bills. That’s why you need to compare deals to find the cheapest commercial gas supplier. On the most basic level, you’ll want to compare the unit cost and standing charge of each deal to work out which is best – the unit cost is the rate you will pay per kWh of gas, while the standing charge is the price you pay for the delivery of energy and any upkeep of the national grid. However, there is often more to consider. For example, if you run a business that uses most of its energy outside of normal office hours, you’re best choosing a deal that accounts for this. If you have a business that runs seasonally, you could benefit from paying a little more for your unit cost on a gas deal with no standing charge. Because all businesses are different, with different equipment, locations and energy consumption, there are no off-the-shelf business gas tariffs. Gas suppliers will instead consider a range of information and then offer the deal they think most suitable.

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How to find the cheapest business gas supplier

To find the cheapest commercial gas supplier, it’s recommended to compare gas deals with a company like uSwitchForBusiness. Instead of ringing each supplier independently, you can make one phone call and have us do the work for you.

By using a broker, you take advantage of relationships already built with business energy suppliers. On your behalf, a broker will negotiate favourable deals catered specifically to your requirements. There’s plenty to consider when it comes to finding cheap business gas prices – that’s why conducting a price comparison with expert help is recommended.

We’ll be able to work out what cheap gas deal will be most beneficial for your business. What’s more, by taking the process out of your hands, you’ll save time and money, allowing you to focus on the day-to-day running of your compan

How to compare cheap gas deals

As mentioned, it’s difficult to compare cheap gas deals without running a price comparison. That’s because no two business gas tariffs are the same. To find the cheapest business gas price, brokers like uSwitchForBusiness will search the market for deals that are suited to your requirements. We will then compile a list of the cheapest gas prices available.

However, you won’t want to come into the process blind, so here’s a general guide to what you can expect, based on the size of your business.

Business sizeUnit costStanding charge
Micro business9.8p per kWh53.1p per day
Small business9.1p per kWh65.7p per day
Medium business8.7p per kWh111.8p per day

Note: Rates and bill size may vary according to your meter type and business location. Market volatility may also mean that the prices you’re quoted are different from the averages shown. The figures shown are the average unit rates and standing charges quoted by Bionic per business size from June 7 to June 14, 2023. Rates do not include any Energy Bills Discount Scheme discount.

How to compare cheap business gas prices

When looking to switch to a cheap gas deal, you’ll need to be approaching the end of your current contract. Unlike domestic energy, businesses can not usually switch to a better deal with just 28 days’ notice. Instead, you need to be in what is called your renewal window, which usually starts around 6 months before your current tariff ends.

Business energy brokers will then use your information to compile a list of suitable cheap gas deals. But don’t worry about knowing every detail about your current tariff, it will all be included on your most recent bill. So long as you have a copy of that handy when making the phone call, we can help you to find cheap business gas prices, totally stress-free.

If you don’t switch or negotiate a deal before your contract ends, your energy supplier will place you on a deemed or rollover contract. These feature rates that are often up to 80% higher than other deals. A rollover contract can last up to a whole year, whereas deemed contracts last 28 days, both on inflated prices. Either way, you’ll want to avoid both these contract types at all costs.

Talk to uSwitchforBusiness today on 0800 188 4930 to hear how we can help you find the best deal for your business. We will run a business electricity plan comparison and take care of all the details involved in switching.

How to find the cheapest business gas supplier
How to compare cheap gas deals
How to compare cheap business gas prices

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