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Multi-site meters

Larger multi-site businesses with complex setups will often require a multifaceted energy solution. This typically takes the form of a multi-site meter, which allows for larger businesses, who operate from a number of different locations, to more easily manage the energy that they’re using.

Like with most businesses, it’s important for larger multi-site businesses to switch their energy contracts whenever the opportunity presents itself to ensure that they are getting the most competitive deals possible. However, having a multi-meter solution across different sites can make switching business energy a more complex and time consuming process – especially when tariffs are due for renewal at different times.

Staying on top of multi-site business energy contracts

Businesses who fail to properly manage their energy deal and switch whenever possible run the risk of being transferred on to inflated deemed rates – which are put in place for businesses who are not under a formally agreed energy contract with a supplier. Given the average size of multi-site businesses, and the total amount of energy that they will typically consume, deemed rates can add up and get particularly expensive. This is why properly managing your business’s energy contracts is so important – particularly for larger businesses.

One way that some multi-meter businesses choose to stay on top of their energy contracts is to stick with same supplier for all of their meters in an effort to simplify the billing process. Whereas this may be true to some extent, it often means that a number of sites will not be receiving the best possible energy deal available to them.

Alternatively, some multi-site businesses will choose to secure a different supplier for each individual site. Obviously, this can make billing a more complicated process, but it does mean that each site can secure an energy contract with the supplier who offers the best rates, saving the whole business money.

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How uSwitch for Business can help with multi-meters

The solution that suits your business’s particular needs – whether it’s all of your energy under one supplier, or seeing if you can find cheaper rates with multiple different suppliers – will depend entirely on your business’s circumstances. Whichever solution you decide on, the help of a business energy broker, such as uSwitchforBusiness, will no doubt prove invaluable in finding a deal that meets all of your multi-site needs.

At uSwitchforBusiness, we will ensure that each site is getting the best deal possible, by comparing quotes from a wide range of business energy suppliers. We can even help you stay on top of your energy by helping your business switch you whenever necessary as well as handling all of the negotiations and paperwork – meaning your business won’t end up on expensive deemed rates again.

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