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If you run a large business that operates out of multiple different sites, your energy needs will be a little more complex that those of the average company. If you choose to install a multi-site meter for your business, you’ll get a specialised solution that will let you more easily manage energy across your company as a whole.

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Just like other businesses, large companies with multiple sites will need to switch their energy contracts regularly to be certain that they’re getting the most competitive deals on the market. Unfortunately, having multiple business sites adds another layer of difficulty and time intensity to the process of switching, not least when tariffs are due for renewal at different times. This is why it can be a good idea to install a multi-site meter for your business.

While a business multi-site meter where the same supplier serves all of a company’s sites can certainly simplify the billing process, it can sometimes mean that a number of your business’s locations may not be receiving the best possible energy deal available to them.

An alternative approach to a business multi-site meter is to choose to secure a different supplier for each of your individual sites. Obviously, this can make billing a more complicated process, but it means that each site is able to secure an energy contract with the supplier who offers the best rates for that specific site.

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The solution that suits your business’s particular needs – whether that’s choosing to install a multi-site meter for your business or using multiple different suppliers to find the cheapest rates – will depend entirely on your business’s individual circumstances.

Whether you’re interested in choosing a business energy multisite meter or feel that separate agreements are the way to go, the expert advice of a business energy broker such as uSwitchforBusiness can make negotiating this complicated market feel easy.

Regardless of whether you choose individual site solutions or a business energy multisite meter, switching is the best way to reduce the amount that you spend on business energy.

Businesses who fail to properly manage their energy deals can run the risk of being transferred on to out of contract rates. Also known as ‘deemed rates’, these are inflated prices imposed by suppliers when a customer’s contract expires and a new one is not formally agreed. Typically, out of contract rates are some of the most expensive rates offered by a supplier.

Given the average size of multi-site businesses and the total amount of energy they typically consume, being on deemed rates can fast become damagingly expensive. This is why properly managing your business’s energy contracts is so important, particularly for a large business operating from several different sites with either a business multi-site meter or individual agreements. Switching contracts when possible is the best away to avoid being caught on these inflated rates.

It’s worth noting that not all suppliers will be able to offer you a business energy quote, and not all will be able to cater for a business multi-site meter. The business energy quotes available to you will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • How much business energy you consume within a year
  • Your business’s credit rating

When choosing between suppliers, it’s important to prioritise your business’s needs rather than simply looking for the cheapest business energy prices. While low cost business energy deals will always be attractive, you need to also ensure that your supplier offers the level of service that your business requires. This can become even more important if you choose to install a multi-site meter for your business. Once you properly understand what a good deal looks like for your multi-site business, it’s time for you to compare business energy prices and make a switch.

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At uSwitchforBusiness, we can help you to understand your business’s energy requirements with just a short conversation. We can help ensure that each of your sites is getting the best deal possible by comparing quotes from a wide range of business energy suppliers. And we can help you decide if a business energy multisite meter is the best option for you.

We can even help you stay on top of your energy by helping your business switch tariffs or suppliers when it’s optimal to do so. Meaning that you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal for your business and you won’t ever end up on expensive deemed rates. We’ll handle all of the negotiations and paperwork involved in securing either a business energy multisite meter or separate contracts for each of your sites in a seamless, stress-free switching process.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you reduce your electricity costs by giving us a call today on 0800 188 4930. Or if you’d prefer, simply fill in the form on the right and we’ll call you back.

To switch your business energy today call 0800 188 4930

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