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Whatever shape your business takes, it depends on energy to operate. Your energy costs might even represent a significant proportion of your operation’s outgoings, so it’s crucial to make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal on gas and electricity.

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Comparing business energy quotes can help ensure you’re not paying more than you should be, and using the specialised services of energy comparison sites for business can help make this process a lot less laborious.

Before you can start comparing offers from different business energy suppliers, it’s important to make sure you’re familiar with the rather particular features of a commercial energy tariff.

What’s the difference between domestic and business energy?

One of the most striking differences between domestic and business energy is the terms by which each set of customers are bound. Domestic customers can switch tariffs at any point during their contract, although they may be charged an early exit fee. On the other hand, as a business energy customer you won’t be able to change business energy suppliers until you’re within your renewal window. The renewal window typically comes into effect six months before the end of your current contract.

Another big difference is that while domestic customers can simply pick from a marketplace of defined energy tariffs, things are a little trickier for business energy customers. To change your company’s energy deal, you’ll need to approach each supplier individually for a bespoke quote. This gives businesses the advantage of securing deals that are tailored to their individual needs. The flip side is that this means it can be difficult to understand whether you’re being offered a competitive business energy deal or not. The best way to fully get to grips with the benefits and pitfalls of each deal is to compare them using an expert energy comparison site for business.

Do business energy tariffs offer a dual fuel option?

Business energy suppliers don’t package gas and electricity together. This means that you must get separate business energy quotes for each fuel and secure them under separate contracts.

What types of business energy tariff are available?

In general, there are five main types of energy contract available for businesses:

  • Fixed term contracts - A fixed term contract allows you to secure a certain cost per unit (kWh) for your energy and lock it in for the duration of your contract. Your bill will still be affected by your level of usage – the more energy you use, the higher your bills will be.
  • Variable-rate contracts - This means that your unit rates are linked to market activity and can increase and decrease throughout the duration of your contract adding an element of risk. The nature of these tariffs mean your bills could still increase, even if you’re using the same amount of energy. They could also go down, that’s the risk you need to weigh up.
  • Deemed rate contracts - Deemed rate contracts are also commonly known as ‘out-of-contract’ tariffs. These are rolling contracts with expensive rates that are arranged by suppliers for customers with no formally agreed contract. This is usually one of the worst deals on the market and should be avoided.
  • 28-Day contracts - This is a contract for businesses who haven’t switched since the energy market deregulation came into effect.
  • Rollover contracts - A rollover contract is used when no alternative has been agreed before your current contract’s end date. You will automatically be signed up for another year and rates are usually among the supplier’s most expensive. Again, one to be avoided at all costs.

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Below you’ll find the six steps you’ll need to follow to compare business energy prices and secure a new tariff for your company:

  1. Check if your business is within its renewal window – remember, you can only approach suppliers for business energy quotes during this period
  2. Obtain energy quotes from business energy suppliers
  3. Compare business energy offers and assess which best suits your company’s needs
  4. Apply for the new business energy tariff of your choice
  5. Inform your current supplier that you’re switching business energy contracts
  6. Wait for the switch to take effect once your current business energy contract comes to an end

Is the cheapest energy deal the best energy deal?

A common mistake that many businesses make is taking the cheapest deal offered to them. In some cases, this may also be the best fit for your business, but choosing the cheapest tariff can sometimes leave you with unsatisfactory service. When comparing business energy quotes, it’s important to properly assess each offer to make sure the one you choose properly satisfies the needs of your business rather than simply offering a knockdown price. Using an energy comparison site for business can help you to do this.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, the process of switching business energy suppliers can be time consuming. As a result, many busy business owners are on the wrong energy tariff for their needs.

uSwitchforBusiness can take the leg work out of individually obtaining quotes by doing it on your behalf. As one of the UK’s leading energy comparison sites for business, we can offer you essential, expert advice to help you compare business energy quotes for both your company’s electricity and gas needs.

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